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Council BluffsCouncil Bluffs is one of the famous cities in the Pottawattamie County of Iowa. The whole atmosphere reflects a perfect combination of traditional aspects and modern lifestyles. Imagine a majority of tourists considering this city to have stay and have a great time as part of their tour. The Union Pacific Museum in the Council Bluffs is the major attraction that attracts visitors in huge numbers. Because of the technical developments, the city sports a modern look besides consisting of traditional elements here and there. Hence, it is an ideal place for tourists who are looking for some fun along with historical insights about the city.

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Actually, the area has been initially labeled as “Caldwell’s Camp” based upon the map drawn by Pierre-Jean De Smet. The city of Council Bluffs is also regarded as a historical place that is being reflected by the Greenville M. Dodge House. Another historical structure that is regarded by many as very important is the ancient Squirrel Cage Jail. Gambling has been on the rise of late and for the same reason the Iowa West Foundation has been established. The city represents the cultural face of Iowa on an overall. The Downtown Council Bluffs overshadows other areas including West Broadway. A Golden spike that stands tall has been dedicated for the world premiere of the Union Pacific.

Alternatively, Old Town Council Bluffs represent the city’s vast culture and strong presence of local traditions. The people are friendly with tourists and are ever cheerful besides being helpful. Casino Row is regarded as one of the pivotal places there. Twin City is another important neighborhood of Council Bluffs that exists to the east of South Omaha. This region attracts several Hollywood movie makers. The most significant instance of the city can be found in one of the motion pictures made by Sean Penn, The Indian Runner. Likewise, there are numerous instances.

The location of Missouri River in all the central locations of Council Bluffs is seen as a scenic beauty. Those small boats and the huge enjoyment they provide during those joyful rides are delightful moments for any of the tourists. Madison Avenue is one the neighborhoods that has cast its spell to the core on the development of Council Bluffs. This area has been instrumental in the overall development of the city. Meanwhile, another portion of the city is called as Manawa that is inseparable from city because of its overall importance.

Twin City is a neighborhood that is considered commonly whenever there is a mention of Council Bluffs. This region is world famous for the presence of Pilot Travel Centers. The public depend a lot on the economic developments that prove to be their main source of income. Besides, the city is tourist friendly bringing in a lot of foreign exchange. There have been numerous changes in the county’s development and the kind of transition it has went through for all these times. There are several ways of refreshment like IMAX. In contrast, the city took a strong beating regarding horse racing courses.

From the tourists’ point of view, Council Bluffs is a city where one can expect entertainment in every way. There are modern theatres where latest Hollywood movies are created in the name of entertainment. People can also relax on the banks of the famous Missouri River whenever they are tired of touring Council Bluffs. The availability of casino games is not that rigid as there are several casino centers are open day and night providing much needed comfort for the visitors. People can play here their favorite games including table games. Some of the famous games are Blackjack, Video Poker besides all slot games.