About Gambling in Arizona

Gambling in alabamaArizona offers several Native American casinos as well as many state run casinos, which are spread throughout the state. You will find a large selection of casino games in Arizona, including all of the classics that you find in Vegas or Atlantic City, without the hustle and bustle of those busy cities. With a distinct culture and a warm climate, Arizona can provide gambling opportunities as well as outdoors activities and cultural events that can make memories for a lifetime.

Dog and Horse Racing

Among the fifteen cities that offer casinos in Arizona, you will also find several horse and dog tracks around the state for pari-mutuel gambling opportunities. The Tucson Greyhound Races are among the most popular, with races from Tuesday through Saturday every week of the year. Although greyhound racing is a controversial sport, there are millions of people that spend at least some time at the greyhound races during the year, providing the sport with millions of dollars in profits each year.

You will also find horse racing in Arizona. There are three main tracks for horse racing, located in Phoenix and Prescott, Arizona. Tuft Paradise is located in Phoenix, the state’s capital and largest city. Horse racing season runs from October to May, giving you plenty of time to plan your next visit. There are also special events throughout the season, including special holidays and weekend specials that make the trip truly memorable.

Casinos in Arizona

Among the casinos available in Arizona are the  Desert Diamond, Bucky’s Casino, Mazatzal Casino and Cliff Castle Casino, just to name a few of the choices that you have in Arizona for gambling. In many of the casinos you will find a wide range of options for comfort and entertainment, including live shows and hotel and casino combinations that provide luxury and social gatherings for people of all ages. In addition to the live shows, many of the Native American casinos also offer powwows at different times during the year for everyone to enjoy.

You will also find five star restaurants in the casinos, ranging from a traditional Tex-Mex that is common in Arizona to modern classics. Arizona definitely has all there is to offer in their casinos, including live shows that rival those in Vegas and other gambling cities across the world. If you are looking for gambling opportunities in a warmer climate with amazing natural scenery and hospitality that can’t be matched, then Arizona is an excellent choice.

Changing Laws

You will find slot machines as well as traditional table games in Arizona casinos, thanks to the 1993 law that gave casinos on tribal lands permission to operate slot machines. Slot machines, along with poker, make up a large portion of the profits earned by Arizona casinos. Tribal slot machines are not required to provide feedback to the Arizona gaming commissions, however, making it hard to determine your odds before you play. Unlike other states, Arizona law mandates that players be twenty one to play in a casino.

Online Gambling in Arizona

You may participate in online gambling in Arizona, even though there are many different controversial laws that have attempted to eliminate online casinos in the US. You will find a large selection of casinos online, including some that are offshoots of land based casinos, both domestic and international. If you are looking for a convenient way to gamble in Arizona, online casinos may be one of your best options.

You will find many of the same games in an online casino as a land based one, including poker, blackjack, roulette and craps. No matter what your favorite game is, you can find it online, along with dozens of modern classics that are not available in land based casinos. You will also find many different types of free games online, providing you with the opportunity to practice before you begin to wager. Gambling in Arizona is a huge, profitable industry, both online and in real life.

Main cities in Arizona:

1 Phoenix
2 Tucson
3 Mesa
4 Glendale
5 Chandler
6 Scottsdale
7 Gilbert
8 Tempe
9 Peoria
10 Surprise
11 Yuma

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