About Gambling in Arkansas

Gambling in ArkansasFor the most part, gambling in Arkansas is illegal. There are few casinos in Arkansas, and gambling is largely restricted to Bingo and non-profit drawing for prizes, rather than cash. Even though there has been discussion of a state run lottery in the state of Arkansas, the idea has yet to become part of the gambling landscape in the state. There are ways that you can gamble in Arkansas, however, and with a little creativity you can easily enjoy all your favorite casino games.

New Discussions for Lottery

Voters in Arkansas have long been advocates for a state led lottery, which can provide funding for state projects and jobs for people across the state. The idea of a state lottery has not been widely accepted by lawmakers, however, how have rejected the proposed Constitutional Amendment that would allow a lottery to be installed in Arkansas.  A state lottery could benefits students of all ages, including college students, by providing funding and scholarships to students.

Along with the rejection of a state lottery, Arkansas lawmakers have also rejected any state run casinos to be built for public funding. Residents of Arkansas travel to surrounding states, such as Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Missouri for gambling and for a chance to win the lottery. With millions of dollars going to surrounding states, Arkansas is losing out on funding that could potentially provide billions of dollars in state income over the coming years.

Chartering Your Gambling Trip

You will find that there are busses that travel from Arkansas to Tunica, Mississippi on a daily basis to bring people to the river boat casinos in the Tunica area. There are also many different Bingo options in the state of Arkansas, provided the varied non-profit organizations in the state. You will find many of these games in both small and large towns across the state. The prizes will vary based on the organization, with cash prizes common for Bingo and non-monetary prizes more common for raffles and drawings.

Video Poker in Arkansas

You will find that there are a few cities in Arkansas which have legalized video poker, which is surprising considering the anti-gambling stance that most lawmakers from the state have taken in both the past and present. Hot Springs, Arkansas is one of the two cities in Arkansas that has legalized video poker, with West Memphis being the second. Hot Springs is one of the cities in Arkansas that draws in thousands of tourists each year, due to the wonderful natural features of the city, which includes a natural hot spring that is used for spas in the area.

With only two cities legalizing video poker, the annual profits from these few games is well over two million dollars. These funds are used for state projects, including roadways and public school in Arkansas. There are few other gambling opportunities in Arkansas, although there are several casinos that are located on the borders of surrounding states, making it easy to drive to them in just a few hours or less from any region in the state of Arkansas.

Native American Casinos

Although there was an attempt by Native American tribes in Fort Smith, Arkansas to build a river boat casino in the city, the attempt was met by fierce opposition by the acting governor of the state, and has yet to be established. There are still discussions, as well as bills and amendments, which are introduced to lawmakers on a regular basis. None of these propositions have been enough to change the Arkansas laws prohibiting a lottery or casinos, however.

Online Gambling in Arkansas

You may be interested in gambling online if you live in Arkansas and can’t drive to another state to play your favorite casino games. There are dozens of safe secure online casinos that you can choose from, many with high quality services that can provide all that you are looking for from the convenience of your home.

Main Cities in Arkansas:

1 Little Rock
2 Fort Smith
3 Fayetteville
4 Springdale
5 Jonesboro
6 North Little Rock
7 Conway
8 Rogers
9 Pine Bluff
10 Hot Springs

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